System Modules

Asset Management:

  • Portfolio analysis module
    Monitoring of investment portfolios, rebalancing and distribution of securities, accounting of OTC transactions for individual client’s portfolios and consolidated portfolio of the company.
  • Data receiving module
    Receiving of real-time market data intended for information about the financial instruments and their market quotes. Interaction of the system with various information and quotation providers.
  • Strategies management module
    Designed to work with model portfolios and trading strategies, monitor and rebalance portfolios in accordance with the parameters of related strategies.

Portfolio Trading:

  • OTC module
    Provide creation and tracking of statuses of the over-the-counter transaction. Monitoring of payment and delivery dates. Checking of transactions validity at the user’s request.
  • Exchange trading module
    Trading on financial markets through various broker trading platforms. Operating with smart-orders that automate the traders workflow in order execution process due to market conditions.
  • Portfolio trading module
    Complements the standard exchange trading with the possibility of convenient and efficient work with groups of orders created by a single algorithm for a whole portfolio.

Limits and Risks:

  • Limit control module
    Provides implementation of the company’s approved limit policy in real-time, tracking the history of checks and limit violations. Centrally store and manage limits for portfolios.
  • Pre-trade limit control
    Preliminary control of trading operations ensures the validation of the transactions with the specified parameters for the portfolios. The results of checking are saved in the regular reports.
  • Risk control module
    Provides calculation of risk metrics for selected portfolios and creation of reports with analysis of market risks for each of the selected portfolios using VaR calculation methods.

Investment Management

Monitoring of Portfolios

Automatic Trading Strategies

Strategies & Model Portfolios

Calculation of Portfolio Limits

Observation of Risk Metrics