Features & Benefits

System’s Key Features:

  • Support of numerous financial instruments (stocks, futures, options, etc.,) that allow extensive utilization of the trading system for various cross market trading strategies.
  • Concurrent ability to participate in national and international financial markets from one platform.
  • Simultaneous control of large orders and portfolio positions from numerous trading accounts.
  • Control of financial risks for various open portfolio positions on multiple trading accounts.
  • The utilization of intelligent functions of the platform for the automation of trading strategies.
  • The use of built-in algorithmic strategies to improve the quality of execution of trades for low liquidity instruments and large volume orders.
  • Integration into client’s environment with several flexible API’s that enable to customize the platform to the any trading strategies.

System’s Primary Benefits:

  • Automation of asset management for clients and company’s accounts.
  • Validation of accounts for consistency with the Asset Management Strategies and Model Portfolios.
  • Consolidation of information about all portfolios in a single database.
  • Stream-lined, on time creation of reports about portfolio structure, performance and risk metrics.
  • Limit and Risk control automation.
  • Automation of multi-brokerage trading operations while providing a unified front-end user interface.
  • The ability to improve front-office efficiency by means of smart-order and portfolio trading technology.
  • Back-office integration for accounting and reconciliation automation.
  • The option of expanding company’s client service potential.
  • The possibility to increase trading activity and number of deployed trading strategies.

For Asset Managers

For Traders

For Back-Office Employers

For Risk Managers

For Compliance Officers