Platform Modules

Portfolio Manager

The portfolio manager allows you to monitor numerous portfolios from a single platform. You can manage instrument baskets or effortlessly skip through individual accounts. The portfolio manager was designed with the professional money manager in mind. If you need to mange a large number of accounts, QuantRiver is for you.

Risk Manager

The risk manager allows the professional trader to monitor not just one or two stocks, but thousands of positions at once. The risk manager is a completely customizable tool which allows you to monitor risk through all of your portfolios and on different accounts at the same time. You can create rules that the risk manager will automatically execute while following your risk management strategy.

Rules Engine

The rules engine features dozens of custom rules that are preloaded into every instance of QuantRiver. These rules range from simple execution signals to complicated risk management instruments. You can use the rules provided or you can create your own and add them to the Rules Engine.

The Rules Engine is the underpinning of the Automated Intelligent Trading feature of the QuantRiver system.

Automated Intelligent Trading Engine

This feature of QuantRiver allows you to create real strategies from your models using the Rules Engine. Once you have the rules in lace, all you need to do is press a button and sit back while QuantRiver handles all the trading, risk, and portfolio management.

Back Testing

Do you have a strategy you want to test out? No problem! The Back testing provided with QuantRiver gives you the ability to conduct real-time simulated trading or historical trading with data available back several years. You can test time sensitive strategies without risking a dime.

Trading Platform

The QuantRiver trading platform offers the professional trader everything he would expect from an integrated Quote Tracker to Execution tools as well as charts and position/order tracking. QuantRiver can accommodate trading on individual accounts from the same screen, something that is rare in a professional trading system.


The QuantRiver API's provide the client with unfettered ability to seamlessly integrate the QuantRiver Platform into any environment. If you decide that you do not want to use the QuantRiver data feeds you can use your own. Or perhaps you have a black box that you would like to test with our historical back testing engine? No problem! Whatever you decide the QuantRiver platform can accommodate your needs by providing the integral parts such as the Risk Manager, Rules, Engine, and Trading platform to suit your needs.

DATA Feeds

The QuantRiver system uses several third party data feeds to provide the most accurate quotes available on the market. We have secondary failover protocols to ensure that data that is supplied to traders and money mangers is of the top quality. Of course, you can provide your won data feeds and integrate them into the QuantRiver platform using our flexible API's.

With QuantRiver you have the flexibility of a small trader with the leverage of a large money manager.

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