Features of the QuantRiver Intelligent Portfolio Trading Platform

Key Features at a Glance:

Control of financial instruments:

  1. Support of numerous financial instruments (stocks, futures, options, etc.,) that allow extensive utilization of the trading system for various cross market/commodity trading strategies
  2. Create Synthetic Financial instruments such as spreads, market indices, and other combinations through an advanced user interface to capture diverse spread strategies such as statistical arbitrage.
  3. Concurrent ability to participate in national and international financial markets from one platform.
Control of investment portfolios and financial markets:
  1. Simultaneous control of large orders (1000's) and portfolio positions from numerous trading accounts.
  2. Simultaneous control of financial risks for various open portfolio positions on numerous trading accounts
  3. The utilization of intelligent functions of the platform for the automation of trading strategies.
The numerous intelligent functions allow the creation of automatic trading strategies
  1. The use of built-in algorithmic strategies to improve the quality of execution of trades for low liquidity instruments and large volume orders.
  2. We can seamlessly integrate our platform into your environment with several flexible API's that enable you to customize the platform to the trading strategy of your choice.

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